Feel!! Nature - You - Culture

Nature is You. Face to Nature!

"To make interesting an otherwise boring world" Poem by Shinsaku Takasugi

Our home town is in Oita Japan where locates in Kyushu southern Japan.
I support people who face to their own culture as Glocalist. Glocalist means that "To make a living in local without losing global sight and focusing on national issues". Here are our main projects.

  • Create a space you can feel who you are through nature.
  • Face to Japanese Agriculture and Our own Culture
  • Create SATOYAMA cycle


What's SATOYAMA rhythm?It is simple. Good rhythm of human life with nature. It should have a good natural cycle without no force. It should not be so difficult. Because the ...- Create SATOYAMA rhythm
Lately I am trying to feel how Japanese people grow up in old era. Why does Japan grow up even Japan is small coutry? Here is one of my answer.Feel ...- Feel Japanese Communication style
Some people say we should protect our nature. Yeah, we should. But I prefer to sayWe live with nature.We are also nature. We should be careful to use the word. ...- Go for SATOYAMA world