Bamboo Coffee with nature?

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Coffee Break with nature?

This place is in Takenaka Oita city near by Ohno-river. Whenever I have time, I go there and be free. “Bamboo coffee” is taste unique. Smell and a little sweet after you taste it. You should try!! But you have to make the bamboo cup at first!! No one help you. hehe Someone will guide you how to use saw.

Japanese Fireplace

Come and Feel Japanese Way

This place is called Aoiumi(Blue Oceans). I wrote about the oraganization last post. So, you can check it.
Feel your own culture in Oita
What is the Japanese Way?

It is like a wind.

There is no use to say, “Do you need a help?” When they are working such as cutting bamboo or building wood house, as long as they say “I need a help” no one support. Well, I should say it feels me they don’t need the help. They know what they are doing. If they need it, they will ask.

It is hard to understand, isn’t it? Me neither. It is hard to explaining it.

In other word, “Don’t ask! Feel it what happens in there.”

Baked sweet potatoWalk with nature

Find and Feel something you can

When you face to any nature, you feel something that you want. That is the nature power. Think what they want. I mean nature want. It leads you to think what you want.

  • Why nature feels you free?
  • Why when people get old, they like to feel nature?
  • Why did Japanese become the second economy countries in the world?

well, these questions help me to feel my own culture. My answer is the nature at this time.

Be Natural Posture

Cover SandsCrazy Japanese People

Whenever I come to this place, they are doing something new. It is hard to understand. Can you feel what they are doing the above picutres? You will see when you come to this place.

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