Japanese Plaster Artist Zingo

Japanese Plaster Artist Zingo

Plaster Artist Zingo

Japanese Plaster Artist Zingo is from Oita Japan. His Artist name is Zingo. His real name is GORO GOTO.

I want to introduce his art on this web site. If anyone have interested in him, feel free to ask me anything. He can not use email or website. I want everyone to know Japanese Plaster art because it is so rare to see how much his art is unique.

Mr.Zingo’s Web Sight Japanese type opened.

Plaster art Zingo designSea Dragon

zingo dragon Dragon on the Wall Drago Face Japanese Plaster
Family Emblem
Japanese Family Emblem with plaster Japanese Family Emblem Japanese Plaster Emblem
Cloud Dragon
Japanese Plaster Cloud Dragon Plaster Cloud Dragon Plaster Art Cloud Dragon
Mother Child
zingo mother child Japanese Plaster Zingo Plaster Art Mother Child
Zingo Art Joy Zingo Plaster design Joy Zingo Plaster Design - Joy

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