Face to Oita Prefecture

11/14/2011 0 Comment

I have not been talking about OITA long time since I started. Lazy me. Today, I have decided one thing. “I should face and guide about Good Part of OITA.” Actually, I am not close to OITA. I mean I don’t know much about Oita. So, this is good opportunity to talk about my hometown. Through this blog I want to share about oita with people who are not from Oita and studying languages. I want to find out deep oita. Let’s see what happen. I will try to blog when I visit to GOOD part of OITA.

here are my plans to talk about oita.

  • Great views
  • Driving places
  • Exciting Places
  • Nice People
  • Japanese Old phrase.
  • Japanese Culture
  • Japanese Foods

Probably, there topics are my blog categories or more. Through this blog I hope you guys are enjoy about oita. And if you know some other places, I want to know what you have more about oita.


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