Feel the True

07/28/2011 0 Comment

Yesterday I have an opportunity to listen to lecture of Mr. Richard B. Dasher from Stanford University. Actually, I had his lecture once before in Oita University. I felt some chance. I don’t know what to say in English. We Japanese say it is GOEN(ご縁). Feel something strong bond? Anyway, I did not know his lecture will be hold in oita again. I got the information before the day. I was just looking on the net. I wanted to listen to him.

His is always simple to me. People who become successful have strong will such as if he or she wants to change the world. It is not about only the money. It is for the world to be good. Then, people wants or share the dream. So, people buy the dream as investors. I feel it like “Just the way it is.” And it is the true and natural stance.

When I was driving my car, I faced to above scenery in oita. I was thinking about future and people. I did not know I was right or not. But I wanted to chose some answers. Then, I asked it. “Is that true?” Next what happens were such view.

I know it is nature. But when it is true, it goes like a wind. So, I have decided to trust the nature. Nature build us anyway. That is our origin.

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