Face to the true

06/10/2011 0 Comment

When I compare with old era and present time, I see a lot of lie in present time. Old era is about 1600 before. Why I feel that way?

When human has some time and money, they try to get it more with a lot of wants. The wants make human control. Besides, we have a lot of information by using internet. However those information is untrusted one because especially Japanese can not write with real name. They use pen name. That makes us untrusted.

Why do they not use their real name? It is weird. But it happens a lot. So, I really want to face to the true. One of my artist friend told me that “The truth does not need any word. If it is the true, it does not need any explanation at all.” Human can feel it if it is the true.

This picture is from AKI.CO.,LTD. d-torso is made by cardboard. I like the line of figure. Can you feel it?

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