Reiki Healing Massage in Taketa Oita

01/24/2011 0 Comment

Have you heard that “Reiki healing”? I have never heard that before. Reiki means spirit. I have no idea the word is right or not. I should say Nature Power. Last week, I had massage with the Reiki. It was head therapy.

It was one hour course. This therapy changed my hair. I had bad bed hair. But it was healed. My problem was bad blood circulation. My massager found out that my head had such problem. It was just one hour though it helped me a lot. I have changed my health care style because I found out how much I could take care of myself.

This place is in Taketa city Oita Japan. The place is called Angelfarm. They found out how much the place is close to nature. If you guys have some interest, go to that place! They will heal you so well.

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