Japanese traditional plaster artist Zingo

01/28/2011 0 Comment

I met Japanese Traditional Plaster artist who live in Oita city. His name is Zingo. He lives in near my house. It takes just five minute by car.

It is hard to explain. At first, just take a look.

Zingo art

In Edo era 1600s, Chohachi Irie started wall art by using plaster.

Plaster atist

Plaster was used for house wall. The plaster has these powers.

  • Waterproof
  • Nonburnable
  • Humidity conditioning

Therefore, this plaster was used for most of old houses such as merchant house or temple.

Japanese Plaster Art

I have just met him a couple weeks ago. His style is not perfectly same as old era. He focuses on face and depth.

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