Japanese plaster art

02/10/2011 2 Comments

Mr Zingo is one of my friend. He wants to show his skill in the world. So, I have decided to support his artist life. He is 63 years old. He can not use internet. I want all people to see his art. From now on, I will focus on his life and Japanese life.

Japanese Plaster Zingo

His art is for any wall. It does not matter inside or outside. Japanese Plaster was used for outside wall. It has waterproof and unburnalbe ability. And one best part is it will heal your heart. I don’t know why but once you surrounded by plaster wall. It is amazing. This year I will talk about him!!

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12月 15th, 2011 on 6:15 PM

saw your posts, and your friend’s art.
his art looks very nice, peaceful.
i’m from india, but i’ve always had an affinity to japanese culture even though i’ve never been there.


    12月 16th, 2011 on 9:46 AM

    Hi Nazeef

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am glad that you felt something peaceful. That’s wonderful!!
    oh, you are from India. I have never been also. I want to visit India someday!!

    About affinity, that is also great of you. Lately Japanese culture is slowly changing. Well, that is culture actually though.
    you mean you are close to Japanese old culture, don’t you? I feel it same way. Lately, I have seen a lot of unique person who are over 64 years old. Because they have some thing that young age does not have. My point of view for Japanese culture is “Nature cycle”. They have it strongly. Have you ever heard of “MOTTAINAI” in Japanese? Means don’t waste of it. Maybe I will think about it in this blog!! well, thank you for your comment!! Glad to hear from you!! Thank you.

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