Powerful Totoki Garden in Bunngoohno

11/28/2010 0 Comment
Powerful Totoki Garden in Bunngoohno

I met one man who lives in Bunngoohno in Oita. He makes powerful soil for vegetable or plant. He has been studying about soil for 36 years. He spends at least 3 or 5 years to grow the soil like natural soil. Great thing is if you plant one vegetable in small planter, it will grow. napa-cabbage

Lately, our nation face to difficult sick such as mind issues. Those sickness come from foods. The foods made up with chemical stuff. Those chemical stuff is for only surface of food. So, this means we eat chemical foods. Look at nature, face to our nature. It teaches how to live in nature. But it takes long time. Let’s go to any forest around you. The forest has a lot of mineral for our body. Point is how to deal with nature. It is Japanese SATOYAMA concept.

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