Bamboo was part of Japanese lives.

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Bamboo was part of Japanese lives.

Today, I went to cut bamboo for Japanese festival in Oita. I am going to talk about the festival in November. For here, I want to share about how Japanese used the bamboo for their lives. Lately, most of people face to how human should protect nature. It is good thing. However, how do human protect the nature or forest? Our young age will think about these.

  • Don’t cut woods.
  • Don’t touch and leave it alone.

How about elder people think to use the bamboo. Use the bamboo for their lives.

Elder people think human has to take care of the nature or forest. They think the bamboo has to cut by human. Because bamboo is not useful leaving in the forest. Bamboo grows very fast but it cause a few problems such as they don’t absorb water. This means the bamboo is not useful for protecting mountain from strong rain. And when the bamboo gets long, it blocks sun light inside of forest.

OK, these are how elder Japanese people used the bamboo in old era.

  • Chopstick
  • Dish
  • cup
  • box
  • Light case
  • Teapot
  • Lunch box
  • Basket

I think there are more products in old era. But it take so long time to make. That is way it cost much. Lately, we use oil resource for meal dishes.

Can you see these differences between present and old era? If we learn old life style, it heals our world. We don’t need any chemical tools. Nature and human life were good family in old era. But now we breaks this rules. So, now I face to this issues. Next month, I will smoked bamboo.

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