Face to Bamboo in Oita

10/25/2010 0 Comment
Face to Bamboo in Oita

I have decided to learn about bamboo such as smoking and cutting. I know it takes some times but it is needed in Japan. Today, I have talked to Mr.Kojyo who is main person of NPO. He said there is a huge distance between elder who knows how to live with nature and younger age who does not know how to survive with nature. This mean Japanese people will face to a big problem in the future especially taking care of our nature. Nobody can not take care of our forest at all. Here are what I have learned from Mr,Kojyo.

  • No young age to take care of forest
  • Bamboo can use for anything and it was used for all in old era.

This issues are big problem in any other world. I guess. So, I have decided to learn something at least from Mr, Kojyo. These are my next steps for bamboo.

  • Cutting Bamboo
  • Smoking bamboo
  • creating vase or candle cases
  • bamboo liquid

Bamboo Liquid

A couple weeks ago, I used the liquid for my finger because it has itch. But now it is ok. It heals with new skin. But it take a long time and has strong smell. This smell is too strong. So, it needs to be fixed if people use for medical.

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