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Location: Kyushu island in Oita city, Oita Japan.
Academic Record: OitaHigashi Highschool, Study abroad Hayward University in California USA for half year. Because of financial trouble I went back to Japan to save my next school fees. After 3 years later, I went back to the US. I graduated 2 years college in Utah. It was cheap and small College. I did not check any religion information at that time. But it was great place to study. I have learned various culture in the US. I did not have any major but someday I want to come back to the US and study with my wife.

Career: 5 years worked for Civil engineering company as surveyor and R&D Section for producing own products. I have organized company’s system networking and web site management. I have created internet shopping. I have studied by myself. It was hard time. For the R&D, I organized Subsidy projects with Oita University or Tokyo Science University, so on. 3 years worked for System engineering company as sales planner. I learned Web site, Web Marketing, Internet shopping and Sales Marketing.In internet shopping projects, I have working with Yahoo Japan to sell internet shopping service.

JIUSON: I have started my own. JIUSON(地遊村) is glocalist (Local and Global are mixed). Jiuson face to our own culture to heal the world. I know it is too huge but this small action will start to change everything. See what happens in our future.

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