Create Culture Cafe in Oita forest

10/29/2010 0 Comment
Create Culture Cafe in Oita forest

Above picture is an entrance for Takenaka forest in Oita city. Lately, I visit to there and facing to bamboo. Why do I face to Bamboo? Because it is for forestry preservation. Bamboo is not helping for protecting the nature. Bamboo was a part of human lives as life tools such as dishes or boxes. So, I have to cut those bamboo as long as they grow around mountain. If we don’t cut the bamboo, the mountain can not make strong soil. Mountain soil absorb water from sky. But lately, most of mountain can not hold the water in all over the world. I am not sure it is all because of bamboo. But it is sure that bamboo is the one of cause. So, I want to build culture cafe in forest. Anytime people can think about nature and have some experience for protecting our nature. That is my wish.

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